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 An important research article published on “Unknown Health Risks of Inhalation Insulin” By T. R. Shantha, MD, PhD, FACA, Life Extension, September 2007 issue in USA.   This publication played a role in Pfizer withdrawing it Inhalation Insulin named Exubera, from the market in October 2007. Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company took a loss of 2.5 billion dollars.  But, this action saved thousands of people developing cancers of respiratory, and oro – naso - pharyngeal system by its prolonged use with increase in Asthma etc; and future litigations amounting to billions by users.  Received a letter from Glaxo Smith Kline Company supporting Dr. T. R. Shantha’s article. The drug companies will revise all inhalation insulin research in the light my recent research article. The copy of the letter from Glaxo is attached.  I have sent my research article FDA offices and many drug companies which are trying to develop this dangerous mode of administration of Insulin.


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