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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Treatment for MS
I have a treatment regiment which has great promise to halt the progression or worsening symptoms of MS.  I am in the process of finding test subjects and trialling these theories.  As this treatment progresses, I will post more.
2:58 pm est 

Going to China
I am going to China to produce 100 units of Fast Freeze Wine and Soda Chiller.  Chill bottles of white wine in 5 minutes.  Six pack of soda or beer in less that 3 minutes.  These are the first to be produced and sold in the US.  Available through Sky Magazine in early 2010. 
2:53 pm est 

Monday, September 7, 2009

I am traveling to Hanoi today to present a paper on new modalities in the treatment of Rabies.  I hope to collaborate with as many people to gain and distribute information on the new treatment options for Rabies.  I will post when I have presented my paper.  You can download and view the abstract and the entire paper by clicking the icon to the left.

12:34 pm edt 

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Dr. T.R. Shantha is a research scientist, author and medical practitioner. He has authored 7 books and more than 100 original research papers published in internationally recognized science journals including Nature, Science,  and The New England Journal of Medicine.   Dr. Shantha was nominated for a Nobel Prize in 2007 in Physiology and Medicine. 
The purpose of this web site is to provide a forum to communicate revolutionary scientific ideas which may  have an impact on current medical modalities and provide new templates for the treatments of incurable diseases such as cancer, rabies,  and autism.
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